Race for Vardy signature intensifies

Really Like Football sources understand that Leicester’s Jamie Vardy is currently being pursued by a number of Right-wing political parties, intent on capturing his signature this summer.

With the rumour mill now in full flow, Vardy’s stock has risen following a grand slam season for the Foxes, who are still in pole position to win the Premier League for the first time in their history.

Vardy, currently sitting second in the race for the Golden Boot behind Tottenham’s Harry Kane, was on the scoresheet for the England national team in Berlin with a deft finish past Manuel Neuer to bring the scores level at 2-2.

The goal, combined with his past indiscretions, has seen him marked as hot property for Right-wing groups who feel that his ‘memeability’ amongst other things, would make him an asset to them whilst on the campaign trail.

A spokesman for Britain’s United Movement, one of the many minor parties chasing the striker, spoke to us anonymously.

“We put on a lot of nights in communities to connect with every day people, let them know that we care. Which is more than can be said for a lot of parties nowadays.

Your typical evening consists of a few jars down the local men’s club, throw in a chip supper then a guest speaker who will come on and warm up the crowd before we get into the serious political stuff. Although sometimes we sack that bit off.

Jamie would be an asset to us on several levels, but mostly because we know it would mean a lot to our party members to have the chance to speak with someone that shares their values and beliefs about what it feels like to get one over the Jerry’s.

We feel it would be a big two fingers up to Merkel and the rest of the immigrant loving EU disgraces that threaten our way of life.”