Football writer to copy and paste last year’s Arsenal season review

A football writer has today decided that when writing his summary of Arsenal’s season, he will probably copy and paste the majority of his article from last year.

After bowing out to Barcelona in the Champions League, and barring a miraculous turnaround in domestic form, the Gunners are set to go another season without a major piece of silverware to shout about.

Speaking to Really Like Football, the football writer had this to say.

“It’s become a guaranteed pattern hasn’t it? Start of the season, Arsenal look promising despite not investing in the defence again.

Midway through the season, Arsenal still on track to win the title. Arsenal set to be boosted by Theo Walcott’s return from injury. Will Arsenal bolster their defence in January?

End of season, Arsenal bottle it, Walcott underperforms, gets injured again, and for the love of Christ, why didn’t they bolster the defence in January?”

Seemingly unfazed by whether or not his readers will pick up on this, the football writer has suggested that he may even employ the same tactic when considering next season’s preview as well.

“Admittedly it’ll require some editing, no FA Cup this year for instance, but aside for that it’s genuinely very hard to write something original about them.

Question marks remain over Wenger, after a summer of uncertainty. Will their latest big name signing, who wasn’t quite good enough for their respective elite level club, turn Arsenal into an elite level club?

I’d worry more about potentially having to work in the ‘coping with Spurs finishing above them last season’ angle, but let’s be honest, North London is nothing if not consistent.”