Self-righteous man celebrates IWD with FIFA 16

In celebration of International Women’s Day, a self-righteous man has played his first ever FIFA 16 game using women’s teams today.

Alan Etherington, a freelance gaming and tech writer, has purchased the popular EA Sports franchise since 1997 and heralded the introduction of women’s teams in the latest edition as a “huge leap forward for equality” in a blog piece around the time of the release.

Leveraging the #IWD2016 hashtag, Alan has published a daringly investigative piece entitled ‘I played FIFA 16 online using women’s teams for a day, and what a surprise, it was no different’.

“I really felt it was time that somebody took this piece on, to challenge the stereotypes of your male gamer, post gamer-gate.

Football and gaming present their own individual challenges on issues of equality as it is, so to imagine a cocktail of the two and you have a mix primed for toxic levels of so-called ‘lads bants’.

Alan documented a day of gameplay online, offering a small amount of commentary on the matches themselves but mostly noting interactions with other gamers.

“I played a number of games, the results of which are immaterial, and what struck me was how ordinary an experience it was to play the game this way. The usual cheap tactics employed, too many through balls over the top, annoying celebrations and watching of replays.

All the while I was laughing to myself, thinking of all of those LadBible memes involving ironing boards or perverts looking to download naked player patches, knowing that really the joke is on them.

The masculine hubris is embarrassing to be associated with at times, but all it takes is a few of us to step outside of our comfort zone and into unchartered territory once in a while and realise, girls are just like us and equality is possible.

It’s just unfortunate that the female players can’t be used in Ultimate Team, as that’s where I spend most of my time, and I find it quite unfair that my gameplay experience should be restricted by that”.