Liverpool fan’s MOTD running order chagrin



With the dust settling on a captivating weekend of high-pressured action at the top of the Premier League, it has come to light that not everyone is particularly happy with the current media narrative.

Liverpool fan Del Udid has written a strongly worded email and series of Tweets to the producers of Match of the Day, in order to address what he has called a “gross lack of appropriate prioritisation” especially where it concerns his beloved Merseyside club.

“Isn’t it interesting? And by interesting I mean disgraceful, that the one weekend Liverpool win 6-0, we’re once again forced to sit through the top four at the start of the MOTD running order.

What hope is there for the other clubs in this country, when even a win as commanding and decisive as ours, is a mere footnote to two tepid 2-1s played out by the Sky four?”

Not content with just complaining, Del has revealed a plan to mobilise the Liverpool fanbase to take a more direct form of action against this perceived injustice.

“We’re planning on staging a mass switch-off of the first half hour of next week’s MOTD, which should be just enough time to miss all the usual ‘big’ fixtures, and ultimately make the point clear that we’re not prepared to sit through this anymore.

A club with traditions and a history as rich as ours, not to mention a manager that’s a total legend, shouldn’t be playing second fiddle to a pantomime played out by a load of Johnny come lately nothing teams. We pay our license fees, just like everyone else, and we expect to see our needs put first.

If the Beeb want a war, we’ll give them one. Try reconciling those viewing figures next time the Tories come knocking with their KPIs.”

Awareness raising t-shirts are being prepared and will be distributed amongst supporters, however there are concerns about their capacity for actually raising any awareness outside of the living rooms of the wearers themselves.