Moron suffers Adam Johnson Dilemma


An angry man has found himself trapped in spiral of increasing confusion, as the unfolding trial of Premier League footballer Adam Johnson has caused him to have a think about his opinions.

The former Sunderland, Man City and Middlesbrough winger has pleaded guilty to two of four charges relating to sexual activity with a minor.

Not content to simply consider the facts and professional verdicts available to him, the moron has taken it upon himself to try to rationalise the situation.

“Basically I say paedos deserve stringing up, and if you can’t do that then castrate them.

But, I mean she knew what she was doing right? Loads of these girls act older, why would she have gone to meet him if she didn’t know what was going on?

Still though, by the letter of the law he’s a filthy nonce isn’t he? All that money he could have any woman he wants, but he chooses little girls?! Allegedly I should say!

But then she’s going to get all that compensation, just for apparently shagging a footballer?! You know what these women are like, she probably done it for the money.

And him, the dirty sicko, using the fact he’s a footballer to get in with an impressionable girl. Just lucky he wasn’t in a Muslim grooming gang or no one would dare say a thing.

All of it’s just PC leftie bollocks really.

He shouldn’t have… Well she shouldn’t have… but I mean he’s…  but she’s…

I want to punch something. What you asking me all these questions for anyway, feel like I’m the one on trial here. You looking to make one?”