No similarities between Pochettino’s situation at Southampton and now claim Spurs fans

Spurs fans have reacted angrily to increasing press speculation linking manager Mauricio Pochettino with a move away from the club.

The Argentinian coach has the makings of a revolution underway at White Hart Lane as the perennial underachievers continue their challenge for their first league title since Bill Nicholson’s famous 1961 side clinched a historic double.

However with managerial uncertainty looming at a number of Europe’s top clubs, most notably at domestic rivals Man Utd and Chelsea, there are fears that his head could be turned were the right offer to come his way. 

This rumour mill chatter has been met by a wave of staunch Tottenham supporter denial, especially where comparisons have been drawn between the situation at the time of his leaving Southampton to assume control in North London.

“It’s absolute guff. The usual crap to either sell papers or, and I know this sounds a bit crazy, disrupt our season because it’s in the interests of the media to keep the established so-called ‘big’ sides at the top of the table.

Take the Chelsea link, there’s no stability there at boardroom level. They’ve got this power hungry chairman who hire and fires managers at the drop of a hat. They’re not given the time they need to implement a plan, and at the first sign of any trouble it’s curtains. 

Okay, perhaps a bad example.

But look at the project we’re assembling here. Not only has he invigorated the careers of a number of previously average players, he’s got one of the best youth academies in the country at his disposal. Churning out Premier League ready footballers on a regular basis is hardly something Southampton have ever been able to boast. 

Right another poor example, but at least we don’t sell our best players as soon as the first big money offer comes in from…oh dear God. 

The world is a cold, dead place.”