Football writers rejoice after Premier League rebranding.


There are scenes of jubilation amongst the football writing community this morning after the Premier League unveiled it’s multimillion-pound rebranding.

Bloggers, freelancers and staffers alike, are rabidly pitching their unique angles on the work of award winning branding and digital agency, Design Studio. The same minds that brought the Airbnb triangle into the collective psyche, have launched a bold reimagining of a picture largely reserved for letterheads and use in internal presentation slide-shows to partner brands and investors.

“It’s been so tedious these past few weeks, having to reluctantly back-peddle on my Christmas piece about Leicester’s challenge being over by February.

This new logo gives me the chance to really air a big opinion that’s probably not going to come back and haunt me.” mused one well-known broadsheet journalist.

“No one even cares that United and Chelsea are bad anymore, there’s only so many corners they can potentially turn, or times that Mourinho can be on the verge of either leaving or joining one of them.”

One prominent blogger was less than happy about the redesign, but has embraced the chance to have their say on the matter.

“Why do people always make a big deal out of this stuff?! Can’t they see that all they’ve done is take the lion’s head from the existing one and then change the font a bit? Oh lower case letters, how revolutionary.

Sick of people making out like they think this stuff is some sort of genius masterstroke, they’re so brainwashed.

Currently I’m Photoshopping 10 other designs that are better or at least as good as this one, and I’m not even a designer. Should be good for a few numbers on the old social media, not that I care about that though.”

Even Really Like Football’s very own George England is adding his voice to the conversation.

“It’s a disgrace. An absolute disgrace. This will have cost the Premier League tens of millions, and for what? Does it effect those going into the ground? No! It’s another move to create this attractive ‘brand’ for foreigners.

That’s why I’m compiling a comparison chart of things that that money spent could have paid for to help our needy instead. NHS wards, heating OAPs homes, essential support for kennels to save more dogs from the needle. Makes for a decent read actually, so I’m quite chuffed in that respect.”