Super Sunday a ‘Tough Sell’.


Sky Sports have today admitted that their showpiece ‘Super Sunday’ matchup between Chelsea and Manchester United, may not be as exciting as they’ll probably make out.

As Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur battle it out for the title with two fervently energetic, hungry and talented squads, it is feared that watching loads of really expensive attackers not really bothering to attack, or run, or look like they actually care at all, might not be very exciting.

Speaking to Really Like Football, one junior producer who wishes to remain anonymous, admits that they’re having concerns.

“Contrary to popular belief, we’re not actually stupid. It’s all very easy to sit at home and pompously question why we didn’t show a 4-4 between two mid-table sides that no one outside of their respective cities cares about, instead of a 1-0 between two powerhouse clubs with international fan bases numbering into the hundreds of millions, but that’s by the by.

In this instance, even we can admit that ‘Super Sunday’ is a tough sell. We’ve floated a few ideas to create more buzz including that fan commentary thing, bringing back Keys and Gray, or even just calling it ‘Sunday’, but nothing really sticks.

Chances are we’ll go with the archive footage in the build-up, harking back to a time when they were actually fun to watch, and not something you’d expect at least the minimum wage for doing so.

Perhaps we should just accept the teams are now only spectacular in their ability to underwhelm. Hey, that’s good. Wait here, I need to call my boss.”