Bloke Considers Leicester U-Turn.

A bloke down the pub has considered revising his position that “sooner or later the wheels are bound to come off of” Leicester City’s season.

After a prolonged stint at the top of the table, racking up a number of impressive victories along the way, many have questioned the Foxes’ staying power, yet they continue to fly in the face of adversity.

“I just thought what with all the dosh flying about, and all the players in them top, top teams, they were bound to bugger it”, postulated the bloke down the pub.

“Look at Spurs. No one was expecting them to do anything at the start of the year, for the same reasons.


Way I see it they’ve got Vardy, who has done better than anyone could have predicted. Then that other lad on the right, the Moroccan one, who to be fair looks a tidy little player, but I don’t see much else there”.

With many starting to take note of the well-drilled, tactically fluid approach boss Claudio Ranieri takes with him into every game, the bloke down the pub concedes that it may well be time to change his tune about this being a purple patch.

“They’re doing alright really aren’t they? You have to give it to them. Usually once I’ve made my mind up, I don’t like to change it, and I still don’t think they’ll win it in truth, but yeah they’ve shown me a thing or two.

But I mean, when you just look at the team, you can’t help but think they’re going to lose momentum soon. Stats and all that aside, I’ve just got a funny feeling they’ll peter out.”