Internet Winner explains all.

laptop_room_on_the_desk_keyboard_mouse_apple_window_interior_73963_3840x1200Ben Turr is a 26 year old graphic designer from Salford, and the current winner of the internet.

Turr’s status as winner of the internet came about from an interaction with a seemingly inconsequential Facebook post by Manchester City Football Club. His reply “Don’t forget his Birthday Cake!” on an image of Yaya Touré, picked up over 27 likes and a number of replies ranging from City fan vitriol, to crying laughing emojis.

The accolade wasn’t confirmed however, until one user (who wishes not to be named) exclaimed “You sir, have won the internet!”.

Really Like Football took the time to catch up with Turr at an unassuming coffee shop in the heart of his beloved Manchester. Sporting a vintage Man Utd shirt, jeans and Converse trainers, this outwardly casual looking man was quick to reveal that his winning the internet certainly wasn’t a fluke.
“I’m really dedicated to my humour to be honest. Whether it’s online or in real life, I do like to think of myself as a bit of a joker, for want of a better word.

Yeah I get that the office jester and all-round funnyman thing is an already established  archetype, but I’m clever with it. Your old school were all about slapstick and vulgarity, the stuff David Brent embodied so well, but I’m a cut above that. I watch Stewart Lee and read Vonnegut, you know what I mean?”

Turr elaborated further on the thought process behind his Touré post, revealing the subtle intricacies of his gag.

conversation“Well you see, the internet has become a sea of white noise nowadays. It’s all a mass of conflicting egos, desperate for recognition and the validation that comes with that.

As a United fan, I’m committed to our rivalry with City, so any opportunity to have a dig is welcome. The cake material, although admittedly tired, acts to remind them of just how embarrassing a period that was for not only their club, but also one of their leading ambassadors.

Of course the quip was delivered with a sense of absurdist irony, highlighting that disposable content about disposable footballers, brings with it, disposable humour. I like to think that your more discerning onlookers would be able to pick up on that very quickly. It’s actually all part of a digital series of mine, a journey if you like, which has also seen me reply to every Gary Lineker Tweet with ‘shat on’ his Tweet’s subject and snake emojis to Raheem Sterling’s Instagram posts.

The hope is that the screenshots will make a great coffee table book one day.

Did I tell you that I run a podcast too?”