‘Justice for Aaron’ Campaign Rocked by DVD Dungeon Allegations.

One of the leading figures of the newly formed ‘Justice for Aaron’ campaign, has this morning been hit with allegations of gross hypocrisy and unacceptable levels of Schadenfreude after a so-called ‘DVD Dungeon’ containing the works of Frankie Boyle, Jim Jefferies and Bill Burr, was uncovered at his North London home.legsplaster

Acting in the wake of Arsenal’s goalless draw at the Britannia Stadium, 36 year old Lars Haus of Angel, set up the ‘Justice for Aaron’ campaign in support of Welsh midfielder Aaron Ramsey. Ramsey had found himself subject to crass chanting from the Stoke City faithful, mocking the horrific injury he sustained in the same fixture during the 09/10 season.

Haus took to Twitter on Sunday evening, branding the chanting as “vile, sick and disgusting” going on to state that “anyone who derives pleasure from a young footballer’s misfortune, in this fashion, should be banned from the terraces”.

Working alongside a number of high profile figures within the Arsenal fan sphere, including the pirate bloke and the walking merch stall, the group’s intention was to lobby MPs to act in defence of footballers subject to any ‘nasty’ chanting that falls outside the bounds of racism and homophobia.

However, their campaign looks to have been derailed before having even begun after the discovery of the comedy DVDs was made by a cleaner on Monday morning. Speaking exclusively to Really Like Football, a close friend of Mr. Haus elaborates further.

“To be honest, he was sweating like Saville in a playground when the news came out. He feels strongly about the treatment Ramsey got, not only because it helps deflect attention from another mediocre performance away at Stoke, but also because of morals or whatever.

I think now people know that he laughs at jokes about disabled kids and land mine victims in the comfort of his own home, you’re more likely to find Maddie than you are sympathy for him, which is unfair because y’know it’s different”.

Mr. Haus was unavailable for comment.