72% of Tim Sherwoods don’t like Tim Sherwood.

Talking the talk.

Talking the talk.

A recent survey has revealed that a large percentage of men going by the name of Tim Sherwood, hold overwhelmingly negative feelings toward Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood.

Sherwood, the oft-lauded man of the people, is never far from the headlines, always eager to offer up his own-brand of troglodyte level insight. Spilling the beans on internal club processes in order to ruffle the feathers of his paymasters, and give his players the kick up the backside they need by vilifying them to the general public.

34% of those surveyed admitted to ‘liking his passion,’ with a larger 84% having a ‘begrudging appreciation for his ability to pick up results’. 67% were ‘unsettled by his stubbly turkey neck’ and 39% confessed that they ‘didn’t really understand the barn owl comparison, but laughed along anyway.’

Really Like Football contacted a number of the Tim Sherwoods who took part in the survey, to ask them for their thoughts on Tim Sherwood.

Tim Sherwood of Manchester said, “it annoys me because every time he says something to the papers, which is a lot of the time, this bloke at work says ‘you see your brother has been mouthing off again,’ and that makes no sense at all. Of course I smile and nod anyway.”

While Tim Sherwood from Sidcup added, “I hate that my name has become a bastion of ridicule in an already ridiculous world. To most people, the embodiment of my name is now a man spilling with entitlement and self-satisfaction, a man who doesn’t even have a fucking sleeve to wear his slow beating heart upon. I could cure cancer, or broker world peace and still people would say ‘oh Tim Sherwood, like the Tim Sherwood,’ and the funny thing is, he’d probably try and take some of the credit for those achievements as well.”

It wasn’t totally negative, with Tim Sherwood from Bournemouth revealing why he was proud to share his name with Tim Sherwood, “he just gets it, you know. Says what needs to be said. Does what needs to be done.” When pressed for something more tangible, Tim Sherwood declined to comment further.