“The Premier League is shit” claims man on the internet.

A man on the internet has today released a statement in which he claims that the “Premier League is shit”.

The man, believed to be a man, took to the popular social media networking website Twitter, in the wake of Manchester City’s defeat to Barcelona at the Camp Nou stadium. The loss signalled the end of the English top tier’s participation in this year’s showpiece European competition, the Champions League. His statement can be read in full here;

With Twitter widely considered as the central hub of rational, subjective discourse, the man’s statement has sent shockwaves throughout the footballing community.

Fans, ex-professionals and the media have united in their growing demand for answers from English football’s governing body, the FA. High on the alleged agenda is the question of how they propose to ensure that an English team partaking in the most sought after club competition in the world, never loses again.

Self-appointed spokesman to the barely organised ‘ the Premier League is shit’ movement, Malcolm Tent, added; “I think that most things are shit to be quite honest, and it’s about time that people stopped appreciating these so-called bigger pictures, or trying to see the best in a bad situation. The sooner everyone realises that the very nature of existence is inherently comparable with lukewarm faecal matter, the better.”