England U-21s Ready for ‘Step Up’



Following a pointless exit from the Under-21 European Championships in Israel, fans and pundits alike are united in the sentiment that England’s youngsters are ready for the big time.

The highly praised English youth, along with their token ‘bollocks at club level’ manager, failed to rise to the occasion of a major international competition, losing to Italy, Norway and Israel in consecutive fixtures.

Speaking of the side’s ignominious capitulation from a local Nandos, star player Wilfred Zaha buoyantly mused;

“Yeah the lads are feeling proper meh to be honest, like we feel like we came to do what we needed to do, which was to play games. We played games, we done our bit, and the experience is crucial.

People can sit at home and say, where is the passion or the pride, but every one of us pulling on this shirt blah blah blah” he said whilst Instagramming his dinner.

Senior star Wayne Rooney was proud of his young counterparts, safe in the knowledge that they are ready to follow in the hobbit like footsteps that he has laid out ahead of them.

“They’re a great bunch of lads, all of them very talented and could all achieve a lot. When my time comes to make way, it’s nice knowing that the lot after me will be just as disappointing.”