Stan Collymore Jokes at an ‘All Time High’

The big man

In the aftermath of England’s 4-2 drubbing at the hands of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, sources nationwide are reporting that Stan Collymore jokes are at an all time high.

Workplace ‘banter’ is said to be up 78%, with chain emails clogging network servers and extended chats on tea breaks hampering worker productivity.

“It’s text book behaviour really,”

Explained a leading sports psychologist to Really Like Football.

“Without simply admitting that they were soundly beaten by a team that they think they should be better than, the English will revert to a highly defensive state.

“Even once rational, liberal and well educated individuals will find solace in hyper-nationalism, jingoism and jokes about armed combat. It’s almost as if it’s engrained within the DNA of the populace.

” By the way, did you hear Stan Collymore is apparently half Scottish? Yeah it’s true, he loves battering Swedes.”