Herbert Determined to Bring Shakur to Justice

2pac at a recent Scientology picnic in LA

Outspoken legal eagle Peter Herbert, has today called upon deceased hip hop star Tupac Shakur to stand trial on charges of intent to incite racial hatred.

Shakur, of Harlem New York, rose to fame with his trademark brand of hard hitting rap, which spoke out against societal injustice and corruption.

The musician, who also sidelined as a poet, actor and screenwriter, was gunned down almost two decades ago by an unknown assailant in an alleged ‘gangland’ incident in Las Vegas.

However, his rest is now at threat of being disturbed, with Herbert adamant that his heavily decomposed remains be exhumed and shipped to the Old Bailey in order to face prosecution.

“Me and my team have compiled an extensive dossier filled with lyrics and quotes, coupled with Shakur’s vast discography which shall also be used as evidence against him.

“In documenting the systemic abuse and prejudice which he had to overcome during his own life, Shakur uses a number of offensive sexual and racial swear words to convey his point.

“We feel that by questioning the dire state of civil rights for mid-90’s, marginalised Americans in such crude fashion, Shakur himself may as well have donned a Confederate flag do-rag, burnt crosses on the front lawns of unassuming suburban properties whilst demanding a copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.”