New Evidence in Clattenburg ‘racism’ Allegations

There’s a good boy

Exclusive footage, taken from Sir. Alex Ferguson’s pocket, has revealed that a frank discussion between referee Mark Clattenburg and a number of the Chelsea playing staff did take place.

Wedged beside a flask of scotch and a bumper pack of Wrigley’s Extra, Clattenburg’s muffled retorts to the siege of Blue shirts can be heard. However, owing to the fine quality knit of the woollen jacket, it’s not clearly distinguishable what was said.

The FA are said to be calling in a panel of video specialists to study the footage, in an attempt to decipher what Clattenburg is saying from the confines of the Scotsman’s overcoat.

Sir. Alex himself, has today tossed his hat into the ring, jumping to the defence of his “Special Boy” Clattenburg.

“He’s a good wee boy is Mark, never any trouble. Ever since we removed the newspaper from the downstairs kitchen floor, we haven’t had a single little present waiting for us in the morning. He jumps through hoops, slaloms cones, walks over see-saws very well behaved lad.”

The case continues.