Pulis Calls on the FA to take action

Outspoken Stoke manager Tony Pulis, has this week called on the FA to take steps to curb what he perceives to be a ‘growing culture of technical, modern football.’

Pulis, speaking from Stoke’s training ground this morning at a press Q&A session said “the foreign influence in the English leagues is becoming more and more apparent.”

“First it was the Premiership, but now you can go to a non-league game and find yourself with a load of Gustavos, Carlos’ and Babatundes. There is some crazy statistic that there is now 90% less Arthurs, Alberts and Archibalds in the football league than 50 years ago.”

Following on from his side’s draw with Liverpool at the weekend, which made headlines for the theatrics of Luis Suarez, Pulis believes that football in England needs to take a step back towards its roots.

“It’s all well and good that we bring in these foreign imports, but with that they bring their type of football. It started with the diving, but now you’ve got managers like Martinez at Wigan or Villas-Boas at Tottenham, who employ a patient, technical approach to the game. I mean, it’s just not on is it? Few hard tackles and a long ball never killed anyone”.

Journeyman striker Michael Owen also threw his hat into the ring adding “I’m English yes, and sure, in my career I’ve dived to win penalties or free kicks when I’ve had the chance. Would I have done that if there weren’t players with Z’s in their names in England? Probably not.”