Chelsea stars in ‘told you so’ Tottenham jibe


AVB: Treated Chelsea stars ‘like dogs’

Chelsea stars Frank Lampard and John Terry have today spoken out against former boss André Villas Boas and his handling of the Tottenham job thus far.

“Thing about him is right, yeah he was the gaffer and that, but all he does is bark orders. Come to training on time, play in the formation I want you to play in, stop causing unnecessary grief for the club with non-football related stuff,” said Chelsea stars in tandem, whilst holding hands.

Pausing briefly to allow Terry to adjust his shin pads, the pair continued, “look at what’s going on now with Tottenham. Luka Modric ain’t going to America, he wants out. Adebayor won’t sign permanently cause Boas don’t value him enough to pay him what he wants. Bloody hell, even Ledley King has retired because he’s apparently ‘injured’. Where was any of these problems before he came?”

Brushing away the flakes of pie crust, collecting atop his protruding belly, Lampard continued alone “ask John’s mate Didier, Didier from Africa, John’s mate, he didn’t like Villas Boas either.”

“All three of us are easy going, and anyone that says otherwise is a mug, alright?” added Terry.