Team GB experiment underway

After 41 years of waiting, Team Great Britain are back, leaving fans, players and coaches alike claiming ‘football isn’t fair’.

Following on from last night’s defeat to a Brazilian team valued at around £2.8 billion pounds, the British public have reacted with fury.

“How can the Olympic board let this happen? It’s a disgrace. Brazil’s team, although clearly adhering to the strict selection criteria governing Olympic soccer, was a lot better than ours.” Said Dave, a travel agent from Kingston.

Alicia from Hackney said “erm not being funny or nothing, but the Olympics are in our country yeah, we should be able to use Rooney and Lampard and all that if we want.”

“If we got to watch Engl…Britain lose something else this summer then I’m gonna kick off. It’s a proper liberty, they had that Neymar, we had Ryan Giggs. He looked like a weird old bloke that wanders around parks asking groups of young lads if he can join them for a kick about.” Mused Phillip, a customer service advisor from Hampstead.

Stuart Pearce said he had “literally no idea who half of the players were” in the Great Britain squad.

Lord Coe has also moved swiftly, to provide his own insight on the situation “it’s our stadium and our games and we don’t want to play anymore so ner.”