AMERICAN FOOTBALL – Chad Slamburger’s Soccer Digest

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So when sifting through the countless viagra, PPI and Russian girls who like to party emails in our inbox, we came across this rather interesting article from reader ‘Chad Slamburger’.

Without further delay, here it is;


Chad Slamburger, Bro

Hey guys I was bored last night and watched your ‘euro 2012’ championship cup on ESPN late night. I was a bit drunk but it sucked ass and here’s why.

This guy has the right idea, but the padding’s supposed to be on your shoulders and head, not your hands. Try wrestling a few broncos to the ground; that’ll get your wrist strength up. Nerd.

England’s goalie, on the other hand is more of a man because he doesn’t wear gloves but his tiny girly British feet aren’t nearly big enough to deal with a ball. Should have just PICKED THE BALL UP!!!

This was the most exciting bit of the final and the championship bowl overall. 9ft 7inches tall Fabregas sprinting through Brazil’s defence. That bicycle kick he did after was pretty Mortal Kombat.

Some legend attempts to shotgun beer through the Championship Cup.

Still, at least the Euro 2012 Showdown allowed Terry and Ferdinand to reconcile their differences.

So there you are – Euro 2012 Elite Tournament’s best highlights. Have you considered cheerleaders…wait.