Ronaldinho loses lucrative soft drink deal after Coke scandal


Even his Mum hates his face

Brazilian footballing legend Ronaldinho’s most recent indulgence came at a high price – costing him his £500,000 per annum Coca-Cola sponsorship deal.

The 32-year-old Brazilian star who currently plays for Atletico Mineiro, was speaking at a recent news conference for the club, where he appeared to be displaying signs of agitation and hyperactivity. Suddenly in a moment of unprovoked rage, Ronaldinho tore a nearby Pepsi can in two, and poured the fizzy black drink into and around his mouth.

It wasn’t long before the Coca-Cola Corporation heard of the scandal and expressed their outrage via a company statement.

“Coca-Cola recognises the career and the value of Ronaldinho, however due to recent developments it has become impossible to continue the partnership.”

After witnessing the two-time FIFA World Player of the Year then wander off from the press conference in search of a cigarette whilst talking to himself and gesticulating furiously, the still cold Pepsi fusing with the sweat upon his brow, Coke had no choice but to discontinue his lucrative contract, which wasn’t due to terminate until 2014.

“That was the last straw for the company but I don’t think it was the only one,” a marketing manager source told a Brazilian news reporter. “He didn’t perform up to expectations and his name was associated more with negative than positive news.”

Really Like Football managed to grab the Brazilian star for a few words after the news broke out;

“Look, my agent told me that as part of my contract I was to be provided with as much coke as I wanted… they didn’t keep to their side of the arrangement, and yet it is me being vilified? Scandalous.”