Exclusive: Newcastle potentially on verge of French capture

Really Like Football sources understand that Newcastle United are on the verge of sealing the signing of ‘Someone French’.

The Magpies are looking to build on a successful season, in which they narrowly missed out on a top four finish, and it is hoped that by bolstering the ranks with someone French they can continue to press for the top places in the Premiership.

Someone French

Collection of things a bit French

The player, who is probably relatively unknown, is likely to be signed for a fee of around the several million pound mark.

Having performed reasonably well, but not well enough to attract interest from any of Europe’s elite clubs, the French player will arrive with little pressure to perform and may or may not flourish at St. James’ Park.

Dependant upon performance, the player could then be tenuously linked with aforementioned European giants, who will likely be cursing their luck at not having taken a punt on the French sensation whilst he was many millions of Euros cheaper.

However, it’s also possible that following a bright start, the French national may be consumed by his own ego and waste his potential, slipping into obscurity.