Maxi: An open letter to Liverpool fans


O bai guyz

Dear Reds, I am leaving Liverpool FC today.

Before signing for LFC, I just saw the club as one of the greatest institutions in football. After my time here I can confirm that this is not just a great club but also a great family. The type of family where the mother is also the sister and the grandfather is also the father.

I have tried to give everything every day that I was wearing the LFC, how you say, shell suit. It has been a great honour to defend this highly flammable Nylon outfit during two and a half years. I am returning home with a suitcase full of great memories, good friends within the team and also within this great family that works every day in the club. Which is just as well, given that we only won the Carling cup, despite thinking we’re still as good as Man United.

Thanks a lot for your support. You can NOT imagine what a great honour it was for me when leaving the stadium after my first match, I found my car on four piles of bricks, a proper Liverpool welcome.

Hasta la vista.