John Terry sets the record straight

Chief magistrate Howard Riddle has cleared Chelsea captain John Terry of racially abusing an opponent during a Premier League football match.

The high profile case spanned four days. During the long build up to the trial, John Terry was stripped of the England captaincy by the FA as a result of the accusation, ahead of the European Championships.

Former England coach Fabio Capello is said to have quit the role over this decision.

Riddle concluded today (Friday 13th July) that Terry was not guilty of a racially aggravated public order offense in a confrontation with Queens Park Rangers player Anton Ferdinand during the match in October.

As John Terry exited the court, he gave this statement to Really Like Football:

“Whenever I use any offensive term, I do so ironically, to satirize the way in which professional footballers are portrayed as uncultured, unsophisticated simpletons with a predisposition towards abusive language. Did I say “eff off you black c”? Is this really important? For, once you take the words out of their sardonic, playful context, they do, I concede, appear rather more sinister than possibly intended. Anton and I regularly share these frivolous japes, and oh how we laugh”.

Anton Ferdinand was unavailable for comment.