British Medical Association says Ramsey NHS reform report ‘discredited’


An artist’s interpretation of Ramsey and Prof Longley on a nice holiday together

The British Medical Association (BMA) have heaped pressure onto a report favouring reforms in the Welsh NHS after sensitive emails between the author and Aaron Ramsey have come to light.

‘The Case for Change’ report’s author Professor Marcus Longley, claims that his findings were compiled “without bias or influence”.

However a row has since broken out after the email thread between Professor Longley and midfield captain Aaron Ramsey emerged.

According to an insider, Professor Longley “consulted Ramsey fully on what he’d like to see changed in Welsh hospitals” following an extended stay after breaking his leg in 2010.

He continued “Aaron said that the dinners weren’t very nice and that having only freeview television in his room was a bit tight”.

Ministers gladly received the report as crucial evidence for backing up potentially controversial changes to Welsh hospitals.

The BMA have since questioned this decision, with one source quoted as saying “Aaron didn’t even stay in a Welsh hospital, let alone an NHS one as far as we were aware”.