Exclusive: Van Persie’s Arsenal Woe Revealed

Following on from last week’s revelation that the Arsenal striker was no longer happy at the Emirates Stadium, sources close to the Dutch striker have come forward to shed further light upon the situation.

Van Persie, who is out of contract in a year’s time, has publicly stated his intention to leave the club after doubts surrounding their shared vision.

Really Like Football understands that a disagreement over Ridley Scott’s latest blockbuster ‘Prometheus’, has proved to be the catalyst for the break down in negotiations.

“Robin has always been a huge fan of the Alien series. He even owned the DVD quadrilogy before HMV flogged it on the cheap.” Said a friend.

Despite Scott himself claiming that the film is not a direct prequel to his 1979 classic ‘Alien’, Van Persie is said to be strongly of the opinion that this is nothing more than a marketing ploy to avoid alienating new viewers.

The disagreement between the Dutchman and the club’s powers that be, is alleged to have occurred during a visit to the Odeon cinema on the Holloway Road.  The trip, a special treat for the striker from club manager Arsene Wenger and chief executive Ivan Gazidis, followed Van Persie’s sublime efforts in the season passed.

However, what was intended as a nice night out, ended in a public bust up after Gazidis felt that Van Persie’s inability to appreciate the film as a stand alone entity was ‘blinkered’ and ‘naive’.


A full costumed Robin Van Persie, angrily storms from the cinema following an altercation with Wenger and Gazidis as captured by a member of the public

“Van Persie went absolutely mad” commented an onlooker, “He was clearly really unhappy. Shouting and swearing, I’d never seen anything like it. He snatched the leftover pick and mix from Wenger and jumped into a cab”.

The club have declined to comment on further speculation that Wenger and Gazidis have since rented Alien to refresh their memories, and see if Van Persie might have a point.